Water Heaters

We supply and recommend Rinnai water heaters, proven reliability and performance over the years make them the perfect solution.

Continuous flow hot water negates the need for large obtrusive hot water storage cylinders.

Rinnai hot water systems fulfil your requirements for new or existing projects, providing the optimum solution by using individual or banks of heaters, manifolded together.

Storage systems, by virtue of their design are unable to cope with modern hot water demand, as the recovery times are often longer than the period of use. Restaurants and hotels are a prime example, as they require heavy loads of hot water at intermittent times of the day, often at high temperature to satisfy health requirements. With the Rinnai continuous flow hot water system, you will never run out of hot water.

Showers can be run directly from the units, removing the need for thermostatic mixer valves. The chosen temperature is always maintained, regardless of other outlets being turned on. The Rinnai continuous flow water heater incorporates many safety features, one of which automatically cuts the heater off should the temperature rise by 3°C above the chosen set point.


Rinnai water heaters reduce the impact on the environment. The market leading design has lower greenhouse emissions, due to Rinnai’s reduced NOx burner technology.

Rinnai offers you the complete package

  • CE and WRAS approved
  • Digital temperature control for absolute safety
  • Frost protection as standard on all units

Renewable energy solutions

Rinnai award winning solar water heating solutions are designed to offer a perfect blend of eco-friendly technologies, guaranteed to provide a constant flow of hot water, no matter how many showers and baths are in use at the same time.


Mr Watson

Dear Mr Watts, Just a quick note to thank you for your hard work and efforts in tracking down the parts to keep our old boiler running, its fantastic to have the offices warm again. We have decided to see the winter out and then wish to proceed with your recommendations for the plant room refit.